INSOLENS is the FCI affix of our small Azawakh kennel established in 2002 in Tîrgu-Mureș, Romania. Our aim is to preserve the archetypal Azawakh with a focus on it's distinctive characteristics: short and tall body, architectural lines, graceful movement and intense character. (you can read my guidelines for judging the Azawakh, here)


After breeding English Cocker Spaniels under
St. Anne's affix for ten years, in 1997 my attention was drawn to an unearthly, elegant dog, winning Best in Show in Budapest. It was Cid kel Dahoussahaq, bred and successfully showed by Monika Kessler from Switzerland. Five years later, in 2002, I brought the son of Cid's litter sister from my good friend, the late chilean/ spanish all-rounder Norman Huidobro Corbett. MultiCh. ICh, EuJW Huilaco's Jehanarh Khan (Gao) was the first Azawakh in Romania. He was a classy dog but unfortunately we never managed to get puppies from him.

The following year, at the World Dog Show in Dortmund, I was fascinated by the two times world winner
Aulad al Sahra's U'Tenere, which I still regard the best Azawakh of all time. Anne and Uli Hochgesand were kind enough to promise me a puppy from Tenere's first litter. Setting high standards from the very beginning, I couldn't miss the other great name of the breed: de Garde-Epee. I am still grateful to Corine Lindquist for giving us in 2005 Annela, one of the most successful integration of new african-bred specimens into the older, already well established and homogenous french-yougoslavian population. It was then that our friend, Răzvan Șipos, has joined and brought Aulad al Sahra's O' Alouan from Germany and Annela de Garde-Epee from France and we started breeding Azawakhs under Insolens affix. Meanwhile Răzvan has changed his life priorities and has left the breed. Hopefully he will get back sometime.

Junior European Winner 2011, MultiCh
Insolens Burkina, Nord. Ch, Fi.Ch, Se.Ch ,No.Ch, Ee Ch, Lv Ch, Lt. Ch, Balt. Ch, CIB. Insolens Bamako, PLCh. Insolens China, her daughter Ro.Ch. Arabica Atletico for Insolens and her son Junior World Winner 2018 Insolens Excelsus but also other marvellous puppies which were not (or less) showed by their owners, as Insolens Aziki, Africa, Afer, Aylal, Aksim, Congo, Chile, are as many reasons to be proud of our achievements.

Cristian & Ioana VÂNTU